July 21, 2017, 02:40:01 PM
And this is where we find out if Trump has the "Presidential Temperament" to be POTUS

If I had to use an earthquake analogy to describe what happened about 6pm on 12/17/2015... I'd say he hit a blast with about 8.2 on the political Richter scale with this "Major Policy".  I have to admit, if you asked me yesterday who I supported and what percent?  I'd have said Trump, 100%.

Today is a different story.

I've never been a "Throw the baby out with the bath water" kind of guy, so no I'm not anti-Trump now... but I'd say this hit me to the point where I'm hovering by the minute between 60% and 70% Trump.  I've never agreed with every word or policy, but I've heard them all and agreed with probably about 90% of them, which is exceptionally impressive in politics. Oddly enough, I'm torn between if this is Trump again hitting that politically correct training that's been beaten into my head for decades, or if this is something deeper, something fundamental.

Sadly (Is that my PC training making me use "Sadly") I can't sit here and tell you my problem with this statement is because I disagree with it...  I don't.

My struggle really is with the tenor of it all...  On one hand, worst case, it's deeply rooted in a hate and distrust of Muslims that he's feeling more and more comfortable releasing as time goes on... but on the other hand, it may be a "beat you over the head with a club" so you wake up and we can actually have a conversation about this without the political roadblocks.

Frankly I'll default to Trump's behavior and positions before this;  I'll take it as a blunt statement that he thinks needs said so we can open up a conversation.

Once you get past the media outrage of it all, get past the seemingly unamerican spirit of it all, and start to look at it objectively you have to ask "Is it a bigoted statement on Muslims or does it actually have merit"

That's where I've gone from ditching Trump to staying a supporter waiting to see if his actions turn out to be that of a leader, that of a president, or if it becomes another quick hitter in a political message full of them.  Being able to say something politically charged is the mark of a politician, but being able to convey your message, get past the shock, and build solid rationale and understanding when the water starts to settle... That's presidential.

As this digests and I start to use thought instead of reaction some things occur to me while reading this statement:

1.  This is far less an attack on Muslims as it is on our government officials
2.  This isn't a ban, it's a stop what you're doing, step back and think about it before you act directive
3.  It makes us talk about uncomfortable things that we sadly need to talk about.

1.  This is far less an attack on Muslims as it is on our government officials

Seems brutal and anti-muslim until you put it into some historical perspective:  On 9/11 we halted all air traffic for several days and when it resumed it was not "business as usual" for a while after that...  It wasn't because we were anti-airplane or traveler,  it was more because we didn't know what to do and instead of continuing what was being exploited we stopped everything, looked at it, and started trying to do it smarter.

While I'm not a TSA fan by any means and some of their rules and techniques range from nonsense to injustice... The stop and review was necessary and has been pretty effective and the negative is more of an inconvenience than losing liberty.

That's the thing:  Paris, San Bernardino, and other recent attacks have had a common thread of including RADICALIZED Muslim terrorists who recently went overseas as well as including attackers (almost like foot soldiers) who used PC immigration policy to team up to enter these countries.

That's what Trump is saying needs looked at.  That's why he's calling for a pause in Muslim immigration.  Not an end to it altogether, but just to stop, take a look at what we are doing and what/IF we can do anything to better screen and detect radicalization.  Are we looking for patterns, specific destinations, specific time frames, combos of both...  WE DON'T KNOW, but I think (I'm not him) what Trump is saying here is while it's not what we want to do, it's probably time to stop and look at it to see if we can do it better.

2.  This isn't a ban, it's a stop what you're doing, step back and think about it before you act directive

"He can't do this, it's unconstitutional and the president doesn't have the authority"


Well, he's not president, this isn't an executive order, and even if he was he's smart enough to know that.  Which is why he called it a policy statement.

This is nothing more than exactly what it says it is.  A call to stop doing what's not working until we can figure out how to make it work.  Is that days, weeks, months?  No idea.  However I remember being a kid and have told my very own kid many times when frustration kicks in, you keep doing what you think should work and it keeps failing... "Stop, step back, take a breath, look at the situation calmly and figure out what you're doing wrong, fix it and move forward"

Trump isn't proposing a solution, he's just throwing out the same advice we've been getting and giving each other at home for years.  

3.  It makes us talk about uncomfortable things that we sadly need to talk about.

Just like illegal immigration.  We've had the "even mentioning the subject is bigoted/racist/mean spirited" PC police standing in the way of even having the conversation.  Once again, Trump has broken that down. While they'd have you believe this is xenophobic, Islamaphobic, hateful rhetoric....

In a strange, twisted way... it's actually PRO-ISLAM

How the heck? 

ISIS has blurred the lines.  Look inside of you and ask yourself this... When you see radical Islamist (ISIS, ECT) on TV do you think of the Muslims you interact with daily at stores, work, schools, ect?  Probably not, but when you're at the store and you see a Muslim or group of Muslims wearing standard Muslim religious clothing... do you ever think of radical Islam?  Inherently many of us do.  Accept it or not, it pops in there.

That's not good for Muslims.  Allowing radicals to enter this country and perform attacks is not helping American Muslims, it's hurting them.  If this is what we have to do to stop this, maybe it's time we take a sudden halt and fix the problem so the Muslims here now and that want to be here will be our friends and allies against those who want to kill us and end our way of life.  It's hard to imagine how being looked at like the bad guy knowing you aren't won't change your attitude and make you bitter towards us over time.  

American Muslims should consider this idea.  Muslims all over stress that ISIS is not Islamic.  This policy gives them an opportunity to HELP show the masses the difference.  If there are clear differences between Islam and what ISIS preaches we need to know it.

Stopping the broken system, installing policy that differentiates between Islam and Radical Islam, and showing that Islam stands beside us in the fight against ISIS is exactly the answer to Islamaphobia.  A policy like we have now allowing radicals to hide among the masses of good Muslims is what is breeding Islamaphobia.  

So what does this mean for Trump?

You want to make a prediction this election cycle?  I don't.  However I do know this...  We get to see if Trump had the temperament to be POTUS.  

Can he articulate what he's saying here in a way to quell the fear?
Can he make this statement make sense to the masses?
Does he really go off the deep end and this is the beginning of the end?
Is this a rope-a-dope setup that all ties together in the end as a statement against politics as usual?
Does he walk it back, make his first apology, and try to do damage control?
Does he stand strong on this, and end up being proven correct again?

Go to our forums and let's talk about this:

Am I wrong on my analysis?

What do you think is the Presidential path?  

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