July 21, 2017, 02:35:04 PM

As he travels from city to city all over the country, Donald Trump brought his fiery speaking presidential campaign to Columbus last Monday to a crowd of 14,000 cheering fans at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  Along with his standard platform of immigration reform, tax reform, health care and other stances, Trump brought along his poll notes and pointed out several of the polls detailing his substantial lead over Ohio's own John Kasich.  "So I'm 32 and Kasich is.. oh, three" stated Trump quoting from an recent ABCNEWS poll, "That's not good" concluded Trump.

As Trump continued his typical brand of stumping at the podium, throwing applause lines to his thousands of supporters, we took the opportunity to take in the crowd and see how they felt about this event:  A 41 year old Blacklick resident in attendance remarked that he was "pleasantly surprised by the youth and blue collar demographic" that made up a large portion of the crowd in attendance.  He continued to say "It's a bit surprising for me to see people I don't generally find have a strong interest in politics at this type of event showing such energy for a politician".  

Another couple, from the Pataskala area, who described themselves as long term political enthusiasts stated that "We've been to many political speeches, rallies, and conventions but have never seen this kind of energy in a room or a speaker that can really draw the passion out of an audience the way Donald Trump did tonight".  The continued to say "It's the kind of atmosphere you'd expect the last day of the national nominating convention, not over a year before the election in a primary contest".  

Indeed these same observations were echoed throughout the crowd that included local Columbus residents as well as others from all over the state.  We spoke to attendees from all over Ohio including Akron, Massillon, Dayton, to Toledo and most of them echoed a high energy message and positive opinions of Mr Trump's speech.

There were, however, some who attended not to agree, but to show their disapproval of what they considered a message that doesn't belong in the political arena.  Roughly just past halfway through his speech Trump was interrupted by a couple protesters shouting their own political message.  They were escorted out, calmly, seemingly satisfied that they may or not have made their message known to the audience.

Others showed their dislike of his policies by removing their coats in the crowd and displaying their own homemade message upon white shirts underneath.  Despite showing up to show a dislike for the message, these protesters themselves found themselves caught up in the festive atmosphere of the event and positive energy of Trump's supporters, and began talking with and even taking pictures with Trump supporters throughout the event.

No matter what you think of Donald Trump and his message; You cannot deny that he's sent shockwaves of change in what could have been considered the unchanging politics as usual from D.C., to New York, and even into quiet suburban hamlets all over Ohio.

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