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Even though it's still not 2016 yet, the 2016 Presidential election has heated up as hot as the sun.  There may be no more repeated and debated politician in this cycle than Donald Trump(Heck, all of our articles so far on this site deal with Trump).  One of the loudest narratives that we've seen repeated in the press and social media has been accusations, insinuation, and statements directly accusing Donald Trump of being a racist.

So we've decided to look deeply at this, using a logical and fact based approach without mixing feelings, connotation, or assumptions.


I'll start with the first example many use and the first statement of his candidacy...  THE WALL and illegal immigration.

"...they’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

I've seen many instances of this being called a terribly racist statement, and often Trump's whole policy being racist and anti-immigrant.

However there are several key points that make this a lot less clear.

1.  Trump says "legal immigrants" and "illegal immigrants" and does not use the two interchangeably as just "immigrants" as liberals do.  So even if you don't make that separation, it's important to understand that he does and is extremely consistent about it.  Further, when he speaks of the two in the same context, he goes so far as to denote "legal" when he talks about documented immigrants who came here legally.

2.  Racism really depends on something being about race(You'd think that would be obvious). So does building a wall with Mexico and deporting illegals make someone racist?  Well, considering there is no mention of a racial test, like you'd expect if he were talking of a figurative and not literal wall, I'd say bricks and cement don't have the capacity to be racist.  Also, this would also require he is picking and choosing which race of illegal immigrants to deport... he hasn't.  

Some have pointed out that he's not talking about a Canadian wall.  This is true, however it would be important to note that Canada has a natural boundary (I.E. the oceans) between itself and other countries besides the U.S., and they have a fairly strict immigration and customs process themselves, so it's relatively certain that any border policy with Canada can rest solidly on diplomacy.  Besides, statistically it's not even a question that the two largest inflows of illegal immigrants are from overstayed visas and the Southern border.  Should the Canadian border become an issue, he'll probably address that if it does.


How he handled Jorge Ramos

I have to say, he's pretty blunt and stands his ground far more aggressively than ANY politician ever.  That being said, there is nothing to indicate race played a role at all.  Trump has been pretty hard on any reporter of any race that's gotten out of line with him.  Jorge so far has been the rudest and most aggressive, so it would make perfect sense that he's the one who got the strongest rebuke.

"Go back to Univision"

I guess I could see how this could very well be considered racism except one thing:  Jorge Ramos works for and was there representing Univision.  If he was there for CNN and Trump told him to go back to CNN, noone would have batted an eye.  Sure, Univision presents itself as hispanic, but that's their representation, nothing to do with Trump.

So Trump told a Univision reporter to go back to Univision...  How does that mean anything but exactly that?


Now to address another issue where he's been called a racist.  Muslims.

I want to be quite clear on this.  Islam is not a race.  Islam is a religion.

Something else to note:  Muslims come in all races; White, Black, Hispanic, Arab, ect..  So ironically people who would say things said about Muslims is racist are themselves stereotyping and profiling... and we know how "not racist" liberals think those two things are.


Look...  Racism is a disgusting thing.  However the fact that it's disgusting, damaging, idiotic, and a slew of other things makes it something that light handedly branding someone as a racist should equally NOT BE DONE LIGHTLY.  In this world today it's disgusting how fast a simple discussion goes to someone being called a racist so quickly.  It's also something that's in your heart and your mind, so there is really not much you can do to disprove it easily.  For that reason, I'm a firm believer that if you're going to call someone racist and if I'm going to agree with you, you better damn well prove it.  If someone is truly racist they aren't going to hide it very well.  That's another reason I don't believe Trump is a racist.  Frankly after 30+ years in the spotlight, 40+ years of business, and countless articles, books, interviews, and Paparazzi coverage of Mr. Trump, you could be fairly certain that IF he was a racist, you'd have it well documented and there would be hard proof.  Frankly with someone as well documented as Donald Trump if you have to "interpret" and "read between the lines" (Because we all know Trump never ever bluntly says what he means, right?), you have no case and the racism is in your mind, not his.

Are there any more instances of Trump being racist I need to address?  Please, let us know.

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