July 21, 2017, 02:31:48 PM

Ted Cruz Says We Don't Have A Rubber Shortage

So Ted said it, and why he said it is what's far more important.  Basically he pointed out with this statement, as well as saying when he was in college there were machines you could buy a rubber from for 50 cents, that this notion that Republicans want to ban (which noone has ever said) or make it hard to get birth control is just utter nonsense.

I agree with him.

Furthermore, even without government handouts or forcing companies, institutions, and religious organizations to pay for it; Contraception and birth control devices (like condoms) are more readily available in this country today than they ever have been.

He went on to talk about Hillary's very liberal view of abortion, but stopped short at bluntly linking the two above issues... Bravo Mr Cruz, but I'll take it one step further.  I'll flat out say it... ABORTION IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL.  

That's not a knock on Ted for not saying it that bluntly this time, he can't be expected to say something that's clearly obvious to him every time he talks.  So I applaud him for standing his ground despite all the nasty narratives, dirty gotcha tactics, and flat out lies of the media and liberals about Abortio... err, contrac... err "Women's Health and the Republican War On Women"

I felt dirty even typing that last part... and for two reasons.

1.  There is no war on women, at least not by Republicans.
2.  I've not heard a single Republican (Well, except a gaffe by El Jeb) ever talk about being against Women's Health Care.

That brings up one more thing I have to ask...

Why is it when Democrats talk about "Women's Health Care" they are always talking about her ability to have sex without or with reduced consequence?

Seriously, you pretty much have to back a liberal into a corner or a sworn testimony before congress before they'll start spitting out words like "pap smear and mammogram"

When was the last time you heard a liberal pounding on a table or screaming at the press talking about how all insurance companies need to provide deductible free Bone Mineral Density Testing which is a very very important test that all post-menopausal women need to have.  (Go ahead, google it, you'll see.)

BTW, Planned Parenthood provides some but not all of these services, so maybe if you truly care about "Women's Health Care" you should move some of that funding to clinics and facilities that do more than reduce the moral hazard of sexual activity.

I ask Planned Parenthood this...  If "Women's Health" was your main goal and your #1 priority, why would you risk nearly half of your funding over abortion?  Remember, the liberals say it's only 3% of your services provided per year.  

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