July 21, 2017, 02:31:31 PM
Has Trump Been Slowly Rolling Out A Brilliant Plan For Syria/ISIS?

So far Donald Trump has said three major statements about Syria and ISIS...

1.  Let them fight it out over there among themselves
2.  Bomb the Sh** out of them
3.  Buy a tract of land and house the refugees there

I've heard some call these flip-flops or random shouts into the wind... but when I look closer and combine them, there's a stroke of brilliance I've missed before.

Keep in mind, too many are linking the Syrian civil war and ISIS and they really are not the same thing.  ISIS is taking advantage of the Syrian civil war, but they have no intent to "take over Syria" per say, they are creating a Caliphate which happens to include Syria.  Make no bones about it, they aren't trying change the regime, they are outright trying to take it over and own it along with most of the middle east and parts of Europe and Africa.

#1, Trump is absolutely right about this.  This is a civil war among the Syrians and frankly every time we've injected ourselves in a civil war, put boots on the ground, and committed to making it our war, we've come out the loser either by losing many many brave men and spending a fortune with no result, or by creating another country/regime that doesn't like us very much.

So sending our military over there to win the war for one side or the other is really not something we want to do.  It looks like Russia and others are getting into this mess, I'd stand by a policy of supporting our allies but keeping our troops out of the major battles.  (One note, this applies to Syria, not ISIS)

#2 seems to go against #1...  but again, talking about ISIS and the Syrian civil war are really not the same.  Trump stance on ISIS of "bomb the sh** out of them" involves taking out their fighters, cutting off the lifeline of oil(money) they've been using to sustain and grow, and taking that oil and using their resource against them to fund their own destruction.

This second statement is all about destroying ISIS, the Syrians would still be battling it out on their own but without ISIS around to make matters worse and just recruit, torture, murder, rape, and rob the Syrians in the process.

#3 Ties into both #1 and #2.  Give the refugees of the war and victims of ISIS a place to go.  While some may think loading a bunch of unvettable refugees onto a plane and sending them to the U.S.A. is the compassionate thing to do, it's really not.  We could be far more effective and help far more people over there.

Not to mention, most of these people aren't leaving their homeland because they want to come to the USA, they are fleeing death, rape, and torture.  The most compassionate thing we can do (and most cost effective) would be to create a safe zone that they can get to.  Let's be honest, Trump is right when he sees the same pictures of the refugees as we do (backed up by U.N. stats) that most of these people are military aged males.  Some of them may be a trojan horse, but the other reason may be that the road to safety is so hard that only the strong young males we are seeing can make it.  The news is really doing a disservice in this country not showing the trails of death and talking about how many of these people are drowning in the sea trying to get out of there.

Building a safe place for them to go saves more of them than flying a token, politically motivated, few to this country.  If you're really trying to be a humanitarian about it, before you bomb the sh** out of them like we are, you need to give the innocents who are victims of all this a place to go, be safe from the warfare.

Think about this for a second.  If you build this safe zone you could

1.  Expand it as needed
2.  Build a multi-national force to defend it without these nations having to "join the war"
3.  Save the lives of those who would die trying to make it over the desert or swimming across the sea
4.  Give more of chance to the victims who are least able to flee great distances
5.  Stop straining the borders and abilities of countries in the region and allow those resources to go to helping instead
6.  Gain valuable intel from refugees as they come into the safe zone and recount their stories of why they left and from where
7.  Create and efficient way to distribute aide, food, water, create medical facilities, and hope
8.  Be able to give these people a real opportunity for what most of them really want...  To go home when the violence stops.

If you've seen our military build a base, you know when tasked they can do it quickly, secure, and have it running like a well oiled machine in little time.  

Trump's ideas in Syria aren't just a pipe dream, when you put them together it seems like he may be planting the seeds of the winning strategy.

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