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That Time Kasich Said He Didn't Run Negative Ads.... LIE

John Kasich says he's running a positive campaign and has not and will not "get in the mud" and run negative...

About that... Dear John, what about all of these ADS from YOUR CAMPAIGN?  

His campaign... these are NOT superpac ads.  Official logo, official Youtube channel, and all have the required disclosure at the end that they are paid for by the Kasich Campaign.

Hey John, maybe you should scrub your youtube account and the internet before you LIE.

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A Different Look At Trump's Muslim Immigration Statement

And this is where we find out if Trump has the "Presidential Temperament" to be POTUS

If I had to use an earthquake analogy to describe what happened about 6pm on 12/17/2015... I'd say he hit a blast with about 8.2 on the political Richter scale with this "Major Policy".  I have to admit, if you asked me yesterday who I supported and what percent?  I'd have said Trump, 100%.

Today is a different story.

I've never been a "Throw the baby out with the bath water" kind of guy, so no I'm...

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Trumping The Poll Narratives

Have you heard?  The front-runner in the GOP at this point in the race didn't win the nomination in past GOP primaries?

You haven't?  Well let me move that rock for you...

How the media will find the energy to go an entire year in 2016 covering politics will be a miracle upon itself.  Narrative after narrative there has been

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MTV Must Think You're Stupid

Seriously, MTV must think we are all too stupid to actually hear the original interview before they hired the same lady 14 years later to claim she never said what MTV shows you she said no more than a minute earlier.

Apparently we are all supposed to let the graphics MTV news made do our thinking instead of actually believing our own eyes and ears.


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Is Donald Trump Racist?

Even though it's still not 2016 yet, the 2016 Presidential election has heated up as hot as the sun.  There may be no more repeated and debated politician in this cycle than
Donald Trump(Heck, all of our articles so far on this site deal with Trump).  One of the loudest narratives that we've seen repeated in the press and social media has been
accusations, insinuation, and statements directly accusing Donald Trump of being a racist.

So we've decided to look deeply at this, using a logical and fact based approach without mixing feelings, connotation, or assumptions.


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